New Danish record label


Ewing Records is a new Danish record label based in Copenhagen. Well, Danish label is maybe not completely true since the dubious masterminds behind it have roots in Texas. The Ewing Brothers are now to be found in Copenhagen where J.R. and Bobby besides exploring the local oil marcet have moved into another business field with room for backstabbing and dirty tricks:
the record business.

With the aid of large drinks they intend to release what they consider the best rock'n'roll and soul from around the globe. With exception of Scandinavia, they leave that up to Bad Afro. The first release is with "the scariest band in the world". No kidding.

Deadbolt from San Diego have 6 albums out (all worth tracking down) but this is their very first vinyl 7" release. The title track "One Day I'll Kill You" is taken from Deadbolt's latest album "Hobo Babylon" while the flipside "Rockabilly Funeral" is exclusively recorded with this release in mind.

Deadbolt in Copenhagen: 20.10.2001

US/world: $7
Europe: $6/7 Euro
60 sek/nok, 50 DKK/6 Euro

All prices include airmail.

Contact Address:
Ewing Records
Albaniensgade 5, 4tv
2300 Copenhagen S

The Defectors & Baby Woodrose

Ewing Records proudly presents two of Denmarks finest bands ever. The Defectors and Baby Woodrose are nothing less than pioneers on the danish musicscene...what the hell...on the musicscene world wide! They´re the kind of bands who are taking no crap from the man. Who doesn´t care about this week trends or hit-list placements. The kind of bands mothers hate and daughters love! They do things their own way! They play loud, live hard and listens to a lot of sixties garagerock.

The Defectors has pleased crowds all over Europe and they are going to please you with shakin´ treat of a song. "C´mon Shake" and do the monkey with The Defectors. They won´t let you down!!

Baby Woodrose blows minds for a living and this track will blow yours for sure. Their cover of this Lollipop Shoppe gem is acidpunk at it´s prime. So "Don´t Look Back" mista, all you need is right here, right now!

JR and I are sure glad we moved our business to Denmark, ´cause the beer is great, the girls are goodlooking and the bands are fantastic!!

Bobby Ewing